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Set your course to Gibson Bight Marina located on the beautiful Honduran island of Roatan. Roatan Island is 30 miles off the coast of Honduras and is approximately 33 miles long and 2 miles wide. Roatan is a tropical Caribbean vacation destination with breathtaking scenery. You will find our marina is convenient to dive resorts, hotels and exotic local attractions, including incredible white sandy beaches and fantastic coral reefs.

The best way to get to our marina is to take the main highway towards West End and look for the marina road, look up directions here.





Gibson Bight Marina

Turtle Crossing/West Bay

The Turrets at Turtle Crossing, in the very west tip side 5 minutes away from West Bay in Roatan Honduras, is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Roatan.

Beautiful Sunsets

The best sunsets are in the West Side of Roatan, a sunset walk around West Bay or West End is a must to enjoy while in Roatan!

West Bay

You won't find a better place to spend the day that at West Bay Beach in Roatan Honduras, this beautiful beach is a tranquil reef full or lobsters, corals and tropical fishes, where you can have snorkel, or dive very safely.

504-9784-2224 or 504-9547-8022

Gibson Bight Marina, Roatan, HN.

Lat: 16° 18°ON, Long 86°37° 60W

(001) 970-290-0654

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